Chaplain James W. "Hooter" Eaton, Sr.

Branded By God Ministry,

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Chaplain James W. “Hooter” Eaton, Sr.

Branded by God Ministry was birthed from a long-time mission of mine to become a Minister one day. Well, that one day finally came on October 9, 2019, at my Cowboy Church in Sealy Tx. My Pastors had been watching me grow in Christ and knew that I was out witnessing already on the streets as well as in the old Honkytonks and the not so good places that I came from. So, on that Wednesday night, the pastors as well as the elders of the church laid hands and anointed me with oil in front of the congregation to become an official Ordained Minister for Jesus Christ. A Gift that I will always hold onto and honor to the best of my ability.

Like I said I had the vision of a ministry for a long time, but never committed myself to it because I spent 30 plus years in the Oil/Gas Engineering Industry as a Sr. Lead Control Systems Designer. Which took me all over the world since the mid-'80s. That as well as raising a family of 4 Daughters and 1 Son kept me too busy to pursue God’s calling. At least that’s my excuse.

I was not raised totally in the Church, more out of than in. Was not till I was in my mid 30's did I even attempt to be a part of God's family for my family. I knew it was my responsibility to have them learn about Jesus and what He did for them. Again, work and traveling interfered with that. Even though I was in various places mostly in motels or hotels I always carried my bible. Life gets awful lonely away from home and family having God’s Word to pass the time was essential. That’s where most of my Biblical knowledge came from even though still limited it provided a foundation.

My training is mostly from personal events that were helped through the Word of God and numerous mentors that have shown me the ropes through the years. Those mentors or inspirational persons have not always been the PERFECT Christians but have taught me how to deal with life issues on life’s terms and by Faith in God. So, you will not see diplomas from major theological seminaries or universities. Just a personal life lessons degree from the University of LIFE. My Life…

I have lived through many trials from substance abuse, multiple divorces, loss of a child, raising 4 girls, up close and personal suicides events, and I’m sure more that just come along with life itself. My basic training you might say to serve in the Lords Army.

What if the very darkest moments of your life, God intended for good... for saving lives?! Think about that. What if the hardest seasons, the lowest times in your life, God wants to use to bring light and healing to someone else?
Would it be worth it? For me the answer is ABSOLUTLY and that is why I created
Branded by God Ministry - Hooter's Mission.


James W. “Hooter” Eaton, Sr.

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