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 Don't Let the Devil Ride

There is hope for the hopeless, rest for the weary, love for the broken heart....


Wherever you're at in life, whatever status you find yourself in today, whatever life experiences you've faced or are facing today, whatever you've gone through....there is help, there is hope.

Branded by God wants to be the hand reaching out to hold onto yours until we can get you to the real helping hands of Jesus Christ.  We're not theologians or bible scholars, just people who have probably been where you're at or close, from regrets to hopelessness, to mistakes that cost us our families, relationships, careers, livelihood, freedom, or driven to the streets...we want to help you find answers, resources, be a listening ear, a helping hand...be a friend, stand with you, lift you up, hold you up...be there to help  you find help. 


From alcoholism, drug addiction, raising kids, divorce, jail, fights, and suicide, we've faced it all and more.  There are answers to life's problems in the written word of God but most of us are too intimidated to try to search it out ourselves or go to a church where sometimes the teaching just seems so 'over our heads'.  We don't have scriptures memorized or know where all the books of the bible are located or even specific scripture references, but we can help one another navigate through together to find the answers....

that's What Branded by God is about.

What if the very darkest moments of your life, God intended for good... for saving lives?! Think about that. What if the hardest seasons, the lowest times in your life, God wants to use to bring light and healing to someone else?
Would it be worth it? For me the answer is ABSOLUTLY and that is why Branded by God Ministry was created.


May God Keep You and Bless you thru His Son Jesus Christ,


Branded By God Ministry

Branded by God Inc.

Chaplain James "Hooter" Eaton Sr


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